My take on how to stay fit (somewhat lol) year round


Eating “healthy” doesn’t have to suck. After several bulking/cutting cycles, I’ve realized that the key for me (emphasis on “me”, an average girl that doesn’t compete in fitness competitions but wants to stay fit and healthy) is; FLEXIBILITY.
And I’m not taking about doing the splits flexibility but about flexible dieting.
We probably have different approaches about flexible dieting, but to me, it means having the ability to understand that not every day is going to be (nor should it be) 100% nutritionally perfect…and that’s o.k.!
Not only is it O.K., it’s probably even beneficial in the long-run.
I feel like dieting, or eating healthy should be something I’m happy and comfortable with, after all, this is a journey with no finish line. So it’s up to me to make this journey a realistic, happy and balanced one.
If you’re overly strict with your diet to the point where it controls nearly every aspect of your life you’ll either fail over and over again or live a truly miserable existence.
“On the other hand, if you can learn to become a flexible dieter, a dieter who incorporates nutrition into your life opposed to incorporating life into your nutrition, well…then you are truly setting yourself up for long-term success”
Create good habits and be consistent, treat yourself and enjoy life!!!


6 thoughts on “My take on how to stay fit (somewhat lol) year round

  1. Great post and totally agree!! I think eating healthy is so very important but treating yourself and enjoying life is important, too!! It keeps you on track!

  2. I totally agree! This post really resonates with me because there were and still are times when I was very strict with my diet and that rigidity made me very unhappy and even led me to binge eat 😦 I am still trying to work out the whole balance thing because as you said, it’s a journey with no finish line! Great post !

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