Photo shoot day/last day of three months cut/15 month transformation


Wow, what a ride… Today I get to celebrate this last 15 months of hard work and dedication with a fitness photo shoot!
I’m exited, tired from this three month cut, but it all has been sooo worth it. I’ve learned so much these months, I love it…
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cutting progress


it’s been exactly 2 weeks since I started the cut, the scale is still not my friend, so I decided to wait till this next Friday to weigh ( before my cheat meal)
clothing feels a bit better, I don’t feel as swollen that’s for sure. I have to remind my self that this is a process that requires lots and lots of patience and determination :/



I’m learning a lot from this experience, what works, what doesn’t, everyone is different. What works for one person might not work for another. I have do much more to learn, in fact I think it’s a lifetime learning process but I’m exited to be able to help out people in their journey once a get certified!!!!! My test it’s coming up! One more month :/