The 10 Commandments of Six Pack Abs


Seeing your abs is about losing the fat that covers them. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. Here are our …

10 Commandments of Six Pack Abs

1. Thou shalt feel the love

When it comes to sustainable fat loss, feeling the love comes first and foremost. You cannot sustain a lifestyle you hate long term, where with every passing day you feel a growing desire to stab a badger in the kidney with a salad fork. Exercise and healthy eating is not a means to an end or a punishment to be endured to achieve a goal, but an awesome lifestyle to be embraced with vigor and ass-kickery until the day you dirt nap.

2. Thou shalt not believe in miracles

To achieve the coveted six pack abs, or even to get to the point of a flat belly, requires serious dedication. You can’t dedicate yourself to a lifestyle that involves lots of intense exercise and focusing on eating healthy food that fuels performance if you also believe what Kim Kardashian and Dr. Oz are spewing about the latest “miracle-fat-blasting-cure.” Become a weight loss skeptic, and you’ll reap benefits.

3. Thou shalt stay clean

I’m not just talking about anabolic steroids. That one is a “Well, duh” on the list of things to avoid. However, you may be tempted to believe in pills, powders or potions that allege to boost metabolism or mobilize belly fat. Be sure to read the articles we have on supplements and get informed about the risks and lack of results from thinking slimness comes from snake oil.

4. Thou shalt not develop OCD

Getting to a low body fat percentage requires attention to a fairly strict workout and eating regimen. If you’re not careful, it can come to rule your life. When you develop something akin to an obsessive-compulsive disorder you are violating the first commandment: Feel the love. Work hard and eat well, but don’t obsess or it’s a recipe for a crash and a burn. Be in harmony with your healthy lifestyle to sustain it long-term.

5. Thou shalt not wreck thyself

I saw a poster that said, “Beast mode never sleeps.” That’s a crock. There will be days when your body thrives at going hard, when it loves being in “Beast mode.” However, there will be times that you need to rest. You only have one body, and if you join some masochistic program where people spew insults to push participants beyond physical tolerances know it can cause lifelong damage. Significant results require significant effort, but if you see your dead grandma beckoning you towards the light, you’re pushing too hard.

6. Thou shalt not value thy worth as a human being by the definition (or lack thereof) on thy abdomen

You are not the numbers on a scale or the size of your midsection. Six pack abs – or a flat belly – may be nice to have, but there is more to life than just being lean. You can have physical aspirations and still be at peace.

7. Thou shalt take pride in thy accomplishments (but not too much)

It’s okay to flaunt it at the beach a little or buy some clothes that flatter your new figure. Just don’t go overboard. Losing weight and keeping it off is a serious undertaking requiring much hard work and dedication. This is something worth being proud of, especially if it prompts you to achieve new heights in other aspects of your life.

8. Thou shalt be patient

Michelangelo didn’t chisel David in a day, and you won’t carve out a new physique overnight either. Commandment #1 means focusing on enjoying the journey, so don’t torture yourself by trying to stick to an unrealistic time schedule for achieving your goals.

9. Thou shalt compare thyself only to thy former self

Remember Commandment #6 and know that there will always be someone leaner and/or more muscular than you. This site isn’t focused on competing on a stage all waxed, oily and speedo-ed. It is about building a better you. You may never have the hottest body on the beach, but you can make great improvements with what evolution via natural selection gave you. Like #7 says, be proud of your accomplishments.

10. Thou shalt NOT do this:


By James Fell (who I absolutely admire

Abs facts…


K so we have heard a million times that abs are made in the kitchen, not by doing a thousand crunches, well even thou this is pretty much true, there’s other factors that play a big role in helping those abs peak through. I love this next paragraph I found while searching for some different ab exercises:

“If you wanted to get bigger biceps, you wouldn’t lift a one pound weight 500 times, would you? No, it would take forever and it might make the muscle stronger and firmer, but it wouldn’t make it bigger (editor’s note: remember you can’t see firmness through the padding, only size). Abs are just like any other muscle: if you want to increase size and power, add weight”
-Brent Rose


Those freaking abs!


K so I’ve been working out for years now, and I have to admit that the only time I somewhat was able to see some ab definition was when my diet was on point, I started bodybuilding at the beginning of the year and that helped a lot, but the minute I overindulge a bit (more than 2 -3 cheat meals) that flat stomach disappears in a second. So that’s the simple truth, and I need to remember myself also, doesn’t matter how hard I work out, if my diet it’s not right on, the results of working out barely show. Here is a good article about abs