Egg White Frittata Muffins


I’ve already done a post on egg whites, but not how to use them to create super scrummy dishes for the summer. I’m a big fan of omelettes and pancakes, but mine always seem to end up like scrambled eggs (fail) and fall apart when I try and do the flip. Moving on from my kitchen blunders, I started experimenting with egg based dishes that didn’t take place in a frying pan.

I’ve been making frittatas using a small skillet, filling it with my ingredients and egg and placing on the hop until the underside is cooked before putting it in the oven to cook the top, but sometimes I want something a little smaller, or I want to be able to make small dishes to put on a buffet at a BBQ. Egg white frittatas are fantastically easy, and you don’t need toΒ buy a special
pan to cook them…

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