This article can’t say it better, NO EXUSES!!!! Let’s do it!


The 20 Most Common Fitness & Health Excuses

Being busy and not having enough time isn’t the only excuse that crops up in fitness, there are numerous others. Below is a list of common fitness excuses – these are all barriers to success.

1. I don’t have the time (I’m too busy)
2. I don’t want to count calories (I don’t want to weigh my food)
3. I don’t want to avoid my favorite foods (I get cranky if I restrict my carbs)
4. I don’t have the energy (I don’t have the motivation, I’m too tired)
5. I don’t want to be obsessed (I don’t want to be a gym rat)
6. I don’t have a trainer (I don’t know what I’m doing)

7. I don’t get a break from the kids
8. Exercise is boring
9. Exercise is painful
10. I’ve tried before and I never see results (nothing works for me)
11. I’m too old
12. I don’t have a gym membership (there’s no gym nearby, I can’t afford a gym membership)
13. I don’t have anyone to train with
14. I’m too fat
15. I’m already thin
16. I’m too stressed out
17. I’m too insecure (I’m too self-conscious)
18. I don’t really care about my health (it’s not a priority)
19. I’ll start up next month and give it my all
20. I don’t want to get bulky

When you scrutinize these excuses, they’re actually quite silly. I’ll refute all 20 excuses in this paragraph. You do have the time, you just have to find ways to sacrifice, better manage your time, and make exercise a habit and a priority. You don’t have to count calories, but if you do you’ll likely see even better results. You can have carbs and inject some of your favorite foods, no matter how seemingly unhealthy they are, into your diet, as long as it fits your macros. Working out will help cure lethargy and give you more energy throughout your day. Training 3-5 days per week isn’t obsessed, it’s healthy – it’s what everyone should be doing – anyone who claims that that amount of training is obsessive is lazy and pathetic. You don’t need a trainer – if you hire one you’ll likely see better results, but you can learn plenty off of the Internet, from gym members, and from magazines. Resistance training becomes more fun and less boring when you’re fit since you’re performing more advanced exercises and using heavier loads. Exercise isn’t painful if you do it right, and it can help you rid chronic pain if you do it right as well. If you tried it and didn’t see results, you weren’t doing it right – try again. You’re never too old to exercise. You can get an amazing workout from just using your bodyweight and minimal equipment, no gym is required. You don’t need a training partner, but if you try you will likely acquire one in time. If you’re fat, then exercise will expedite your progress, so start now. Being thin doesn’t mean you’re fit – exercise is good for everyone. Exercise is a stress-reliever and the benefits will transfer over to other areas of your life. Exercise will help you develop self-confidence and increase your sense of security. If you care about your friends and family, then you should care about your health for them – they don’t want to see you hospitalized or worse, dead. If you say you’re going to start up next month, then do it – people who are “all talk” are annoying – but you should start today, why wait? And finally, you won’t bulk up unless you eat more – any form of exercise causes you to burn more calories, so as long as you don’t follow it up with greater caloric intake, you’ll either lose or maintain your weight.

If you’re not exercising already, you really should start. It will do wonders for your physical and mental health and fitness. In twelve months, you could be in an entirely different body and mindset. See what a difference one year made for Ruth in THIS article – it will blow your mind. I will end this article with a quote.

Excuses are the tools of the weak and incompetent.
Used to build monuments of nothingness.
Those who excel in it seldom excel in anything else but excuses.

Bret contreras


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