Simplify your life when it comes to dieting!!


I love this paragraph I found while reading a few fitness articles this past week; “…Nutrition can be very simple. If some foods make you feel horrible or bloat you up, get rid of them, but don’t assume everybody should do the same. If you have fat to lose, make sure proteins and fat are sufficient (30% of the calories for each is a good starting point) and just cut some carbs to create an energy deficit. You don’t have to count calories if you have a good idea of how much you are eating, but you may have to count them if you are not sure. If you want to maintain your current weight, you shouldn’t have to count anything. You should eat mainly nutritious foods, include treat foods sometimes, and not let tracking your diet be your life. If you want to gain weight, do eat more carbs and count them if you have to. In short, if your protein and fat intake are fairly constant, the only thing you need to count or measure is carbohydrates. Food combining, glycemic index, acid/base balance, and meal frequency are details. You should be concerned with them if you are a competitive bodybuilder and dieting is your life only”…
By Anthony Dexmier

I’m getting so much better at simplifying my life when it comes to nutrition!! It’s very liberating πŸ™‚


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