Fell off the wagon with my nutrition this last week, but…..


Between the 4th of July weekend and a week of vacation, I’ve managed to eat horrible every single day 😦 Now its Sunday and I feel like I’m carrying an 8 pound rock in my stomach made up of crapy carbs 😬.

So it’s time to remember how good it feels to eat healthy and keep the treats to a planned amount. I almost can’t wait for Monday to start so I can just be done with the excuses and get back on track, I’m not mad at my self, just annoyed at not having discipline to not over do it to the point of making myself sick of my stomach! LOL
It’s impossible to plan for perfection, and I tell that to one of my clients every time we talk about nutrition, I feel like if we do, we are paving the way for a big letdown. So, if you have ever “fallen,” use this as an opportunity to accept and welcome the fact that you’re human and things like this are gonna happen.
Now for me, this couple of days have taught me something; I’m gonna take my slip and turn it into a transformational teaching moment because I can analyze how bad I felt from the sugar and carb spree. I felt sluggish, bloated, with horrible headaches and brain fogginess πŸ˜–
Now does this mean I won’t be eating some of these foods again? WRONG! I will! But hopefully in moderation and sticking to more planned “cheat meals” like I usually try to do. πŸ™‚

Here’s me using some of those extra carbs yesterday haaaaa!!!! (Loved the hammer btw, good for releasing stress lol) My husband is in the background a little bit scared of me lol



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