R u training hard enough!!!????


Training very hard is the secret to your body improving, but a lot of us don’t train as hard as we think we do.
I think sometimes we spend more time doing a bunch of exercises instead of actually doing less but working intensively hard and getting out of our comfort zone (and I totally include my self here).

Let’s kick butt this next week at the gym!!!!


5 thoughts on “R u training hard enough!!!????

  1. Thanks for the motivation! I plan on training hard this week in the gym. Whenever we feel tired, all we have to do is ask ourselves if we can give a little more. Chances are we can!

    • It’s so true, after I wrote this i went to the gym, and I totally pushed a bit harder!!! Nw I’m sore lol but that shows a wasn’t pushing hard enough in some of the lifts πŸ™‚

      • That is awesome that you worked hard! love feeling sore because I know that means I worked hard. On Thursday, I worked out my arms, but did a half-ass job and regretted not giving my workout my all. Now I know this week I can and will do better!

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