Abs facts…


K so we have heard a million times that abs are made in the kitchen, not by doing a thousand crunches, well even thou this is pretty much true, there’s other factors that play a big role in helping those abs peak through. I love this next paragraph I found while searching for some different ab exercises:

“If you wanted to get bigger biceps, you wouldn’t lift a one pound weight 500 times, would you? No, it would take forever and it might make the muscle stronger and firmer, but it wouldn’t make it bigger (editor’s note: remember you can’t see firmness through the padding, only size). Abs are just like any other muscle: if you want to increase size and power, add weight”
-Brent Rose



6 thoughts on “Abs facts…

  1. Julie Buhite

    Thanks for this tip. Will keep it in mind tomorrow in the gym. This post reminds me that I could really increase my commitment level to abs and feel a lot better for it. Haven’t burned them out in ages.

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