MINDLESS EATING, If you’re not hungry, why are you eating? 😳 (myself included here)


Most of us don’t overeat because we’re hungry. We overeat because of family and friends, packages and plates, names and numbers, labels and lights, colors and candles, and other environmental factors.

To combat mindless eating, Cornell University food psychologist Brian Wansink suggests to get rid of things in your immediate environment that are biasing you toward eating too much. His suggestions:
Since people eat more off of large plates, serve meals on salad plates rather than large dinner plates.
Keep the candy dish out of view and move healthier foods to eye level in the cupboard and refrigerator.
Eat in the kitchen or dining room, rather than in front of the TV, where you’re likely to lose track of how much you’ve eaten, he says.

If you’re just grabbing and eating, you’re going to end up most likely consuming more calories than you need, and by consuming more calories than you need, you’ll most likely find you’re gaining weight because you’re not paying attention to what you are eating. I think we all tend to do this every once in while, I’ve even told my self on a “Chet/treat night” – well might as well keep eating bcs tomorrow I have to start eating healthy again, And literally just keep eating even thou I’m beyond full.
I think the problem gets bigger when we tend to do this on. Daily basis, and it becomes a habit… So I found this great technique from “Huffpost, healthy eating” site to use if you feel you are doing this too much and it’s keeping you from reaching your fitness goals:

Gans suggests that when you feel like eating a snack, keep in mind the five Ds: delay, determine, distract, distance and decide. Waiting before eating reminds you to be mindful about your snack. And actually thinking about whether you are hungry or not forces you to consider what exactly you are putting in your body, Gans said. If you’re not hungry, distracting yourself with something else or distancing yourself from the food could help you to avoid the temptation of eating.

So to summarize here, I kind of think that if we “see it”, we are more likely to “eat it”. Is just like Wansink said it, what really influences influences our eating, are visibility and convenience.
“When it comes down to it, we’re efficient people,” Wansink says. “We want something that’s convenient. And if it’s fruit or vegetables that’s a whole lot more convenient than that cake that’s wrapped up in the freezer, guess what’s for snack today? Fruits and vegetables.” πŸ˜„


2 thoughts on “MINDLESS EATING, If you’re not hungry, why are you eating? 😳 (myself included here)

  1. So true! And great pointers. Recently I have started using smaller plates to cut down on overeating. Even when I order salads as take out, I portion out half instead of eating right from the container. I also drink lots of water. Sometimes I find that I am just thirsty and don’t NEED to snack.

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