Photo shoot day/last day of three months cut/15 month transformation


Wow, what a ride… Today I get to celebrate this last 15 months of hard work and dedication with a fitness photo shoot!
I’m exited, tired from this three month cut, but it all has been sooo worth it. I’ve learned so much these months, I love it…
And of course it doesn’t
end here, Monday I’ll b at the gym again but luckily, I won’t b eating asparagus probably ever never never again!!! Yepeee!! I only had to eat them a ton this last month of the cut but wow, it gets old…
Who would of thought that during the process of these all, I would fall in love with fitness (always liked it, but now I’m passionate) and also a was able to get my personal trainer certification in the meantime!!! I’m soo exited about that, can’t wait to start helping people in this lifetime journey πŸ™‚
I also feel so much love for my hubby Daniel today, just thinking how supportive he has been during these months, he is also in the fitness journey, and I love that we share this passion. He’s my all, my best friend, confident, lover, coach…. Thanks babe if u come across this post πŸ˜‰

I’ll be posting some pics from the shoot, this one it’s just one I took the morning πŸ˜‰

So basically to explain it a little bit, the first one was taken 15 months ago.
Then I was also going to the gym every day but doing mainly cardio, my eating habits I would say were 70% clean! ate very healthy during the week but portions were big and the weekends; it was madness! crazy eating lol. There is two bulks and two cuts between those two pics (the last cut ending today) and… Many more phases to come in the future. I’ll probably maintain during the summer and do a moderate slow bulk for fall/winter.




12 thoughts on “Photo shoot day/last day of three months cut/15 month transformation

  1. Congratulations! Although the before photo was great, your after photo showed the results of your hard work. You do realize that when people read this post, they will immediately go shopping for asparagus. πŸ™‚

  2. fcukforties

    wow, impressive & inspiring. I’m grateful you liked my post, if you hadn’t I might not have found you.

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