veggie noodles!!! Yum!


So this is by far the coolest thing ever, ive seen people use it on the web, but I finally got one, don’t know why I took me so long to get one, but it’s here, super easy to use and I absolutely love it.
Endless options, I love using zucchini with spray butter, salt and pepper, and chopped almonds. I cooked these ones in boiling water, but u can have them raw too πŸ˜‰




8 thoughts on “veggie noodles!!! Yum!

    • I got it at amazon for $13, there’s a lot out there but this one had great reviews, it’s simple, easy, one piece, easy to clean, this is the brand in case you can find it easily “gogogu” spiral slicer πŸ˜‰

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