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Rates for one on one sessions:
one on one sessions

Hrly sessions $50 (all options include meal plan)
4 sessions $47.5 each/ $190
6 sessions $46 each/ $276
8 sessions $45 each/ $360

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Fat Loss Program Overview

Anyone who seriously wishes to lose weight must make it a priority in their life. Its not something that just happens although some people will always find it easier that others. Your genetics play a part, hormones, and the lifestyle that you currently follow are major factors. Also if you are not active daily and always snacking on high calorie foods, or even just not eating at all in the daytime and eating a big meal in the evening, weight loss will not happen as it should. Just to top it off, it gets easier to add weight as you get older too! The best way of losing weight and keeping it off while at the same time toning and shaping your body is to follow a balanced eating food plan and a sensible workout routine. Easier said than done, sure, but the changes you can make for and to yourself will boost all areas of your life. Let me fill you in on the technical details on how to achieve your weight loss goals and be there for you to ensure you reach them.

*Extreme Fat Destruction plan (online/email/text/skype) explained:

This plan comes with a combination of a meal plan and workout with a 12 week follow up with me.
This plan is based on your age, weight, height, and fitness goals. I will tell you what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. I give you tips on how to make the prepping of meals as simple as possible and I will do what I can to work with your schedule to keep the meals as simple as possible so you will have time to take the meal in.

I can design this workout in many ways, from lean muscle mass gains and fat loss to fat loss only. As previously mentioned, I will draw up the workout and meal plan based on the information you return to me in your questionnaire.

You are purchasing a meal plan customized to help you meet your goals. The meal plan is one meal plan telling you what , when and how much to eat, the times you need to eat, the duration between meals as well as what to ingest post workout and before bed. This will be at least 5 meals per day with several options for you in those meals. I’ll also add in an alternate days for you so that you can shock your body with some different foods.

The workout is anywhere from 4-6 days training, depending on your goals and availability to workout with weight. I tell you what bodypart to work, how many sets, reps, rest time as well as ab work, and cardio, that will be added in on certain days of the week.
Please note that Cardio isn’t my staple program to help you hit your goals, weight lifting is the most beneficial tool to cutting body fat.

You are encouraged but not obligated to show me starting pics as well as keep me updated along the way, I will be your chear leader, counselor and couch. Feel free to ask me, text me, or email me with any concerns or questions that come up along the way.

Never worked out with weight before? No problem, I can start you out on a really light workout program, send you pictures showing you how to do each move on the workout, I can also lead you to videos showing you how to do each move. I put you on that from 4-6 weeks or until you feel confident enough to go onto a more intense workout program.

Please be available to train a minimum of 3 days per week with resistance.
This is a one time charge.

*Meal prep services $100 “FREASH AND HEALTHY 4 U”

At one time, the kitchen used to be a place of daily usage at home, but now it is seldom used for cooking in most of the homes because of the hectic work schedules of most people. People now seem to struggle to find time for dinner at home as he or she has spent so many hours toiling in the office during the day. Fast food joints, canned packaged foods and restaurants have increasingly become an option by some people who rely on these foods for their daily meal requirements. However these foods are usually extremely unhealthy due to the presence of saturated fat, excess oil, excess salt and loads of preservatives. These food items don’t provide any nutrition to the people and they are nothing but a source of bad carbohydrates and cholesterol.
Do you find yourself stumbling in the front door after kids school drop offs, ready to have to go back out again for sports, or maybe just getting back home from a long day at work and the last thing you want to do is spend an hour trying to figure out some healthy meal? In a perfect world, dinner would always be pre-planned, pre-prepped, and cooked and eating it would cure the day’s stress β€” not cause it.
If you think this stressful meal preparation situation is what stepping in between you and your fitness goals, I have the solution for you.

What do you get with my Meal Prep Services?

ο‚· Select food options and preferences (you can find these options with pictures and descriptions in my blog under meal prep category)
ο‚· Decide how many meals are wanted per day
ο‚· Cooked and prepared meals (I will do this once a week, for a week worth of meals/snacks) it’s a one time charge ($100)
ο‚· Package meals

Your job πŸ™‚
– after you select for food options from the menus, you’ll be handed a list of grocery items that you will get after we have scheduled a day and time where I’ll go to your home and cooked them and prep them.
Please have different sizes of storage containers ready.

Before starting any plan you will get a Free Consultation with me.

– During your free consultation you will:

– Discuss with your personal goals.

– Discuss how often you are available to train.

– Discuss a realistic timescale for you to achieve your goals.

– Discuss your Diet and Nutrition.

– Discuss your very first goal.

– Discuss the cost and form of payment.


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