Must Have Muffins


love it!

KFIT Bootcamp

Hey there! How’s everyone doing on the challenge? The first week is tough! Food detox for sure. I just love sweets so the biggest struggle for me is missing out on that treat after a meal or at night. I made these muffins more for a snack but they can be good for breakfast too. Β I always trust my friend Tina’s advice for the best recipes. I know she has tried them all, good and bad. So when I asked for her favorite muffin recipe, she sent me this. Just pop over to her page and follow her recipe verbatim.

Morning Glory MuffinsCAM00946

Easy Eggs

We Crush eggs in our house on a daily basis. Sometimes getting up to cook them can be a chore. Tossing together a super easy β€œcrust-less quiche” is a life savor. I don’t even bother putting it in fancy muffin tins anymore. I…

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