cutting progress week 6


k so here we go… it’s week 6. Scale has barely moved :/ wich it’s very surprising according to my cals and the cardio I’m doing, but I’ve learned to not care about that number much lately. my clothing it’s fitting sooo much better now and I feel wayyyyy less bloated ( thanks to some changes I made)
I’m not sure if you remember about my bloating issues, I’m now taking probiotics once a day and also a few days ago decided to take some things out of my diet to see what was causing the stomachake a and the excessive uncomfortable bloat, it came down to 100% liquid egg whites, wow I felt soooo much better once I took them out!!! so now instead of having like 6 egg whites for breakfast I just eat one whole egg, let me tell ya, night and day difference. Also like I said before, the probiotics helped a ton , I think that with all the fiber and protein I was eating (and no dairy) my body was in need of some good bacteria to wash everything off :/
Well this is the update, I gotta keep the hard work, it’s not easy, sometimes I wanna empty the whole pantry, and fridge…
But regardless of the hard days, it’s great to have a goal, I’m trying to take it one day at a time, it’s almost like a learning experience to teach me again (after a bulk were I ate a lot ha ha) that portions matter, that patience it’s important and that I have to put in the work !!! did I mention I hate eating healthy during the weekends!??? lol

(sorry if you received a weird paragraph in the middle of this post, I have no idea where it came from, soo weird!!! it’s updated now)



Ha ha ha I just saw my study notes in the mirror! U do what u gotta do to cramm all this info in :/ 2 more weeks til I take the test πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “cutting progress week 6

  1. Jessica Perez-Beebe

    I love the anatomy notes!!! And you look great. Keep up the due diligence. It all pays off in the end…well, “in the journey”, because it never really ends. 😊

  2. Jessica Perez-Beebe

    I have less than 2 weeks to go!! EEK!!! Excited but nervous. I actually put on a couple of pounds (even though 1 was muscle). I was 15% body fat last check in, so lots of muscle. But I have had some bloating issues like you. Finally cut out gluten last week. Have dropped one pound in less than a week. Hoping I can drop 2-4 more before I step on stage. Currently 117lbs. My coaches goal is 112. I would be happy with 114. I will blog pics next weekend one week out!

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