extremism with regards to nutrition and training


Meal timing, what works? what doesn’t?? I love this video, and I love BioLayne’s arguments. The more I study the world of nutrition and fitness, the more I realize that is

overfilled with myths. Science is just a blessing and it truly gives the best answer to questions. “Show me the data” as he says… Also don’t be afraid to try different things and switch things up to see what works for you. How are you gonna know how your body reacts to a certain plan if you have never tried it?
I’m learning with time that I DONT HAVE TO FOLLOW WHAT EVERY “popular Instagram fitness girl/couch” THINKS IS RIGHT! now, this doesn’t mean that some are not right in what they say, I actually think some are great and have awesome advise, but Ive decided to try things first, test them, give them some time, see how my body reacts to them, learn, and then move on to the next.
I also probably started this journey with a lot of ideas that no I don’t longer believe or realized they just weren’t the only way. That’s why I love trying new programs and nutrition plans because I learn something from each one so that in the future I can better help someone else. How could I help someone choose between different approaches if I’ve only stuck to the same thing my whole life??
ohhhh enough with me going on and on, I just wanted to share that there’s multiple ways to accomplish ur goals and it’s not just “eat this, not that, this much, this’s little”, for me the key is, educate yourself, rely on science and data, don’t be afraid to switch things up, don’t be a follower (meaning don’t just do something because somebody told you it works, try it yourself and see if it does work!!), be patience, and be humble. I love learning and listen what other peoples opinions are, I know nothing, I wanna learn, and learn, and give things a try, and learn, and keep learning πŸ™‚ ha ha

watch this video, absolutely 100% agree with everything he says in here πŸ™‚


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