On Wednesdays we do legs.



A lot of girls I talk to are intimidated to start a lifting routine because they feel like they don’t know what they are doing. The weight room can feel like a boys club. Through my time at the gym I’ve noticed a common thread. When anyone, regardless of gender, starts lifting most of the time they don’t have it down right away. Everyone starts with bad form, a wasteful routine, and that look of confusion in their eyes, myself included.

It’s intimidating when you start browsing on the internet, what the hell is a skull crusher? Maybe a drop set means I throw the barbell down like an Olympic lifter when I’m done. There is just way too much information.

Bodybuilding.com is an excellent resource and I strongly recommend utilizing the site. There’s recipes, articles, motivations and most importantly routines you can follow and log right on the site.

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