Robots vs. Mutants


Bodybuilder U

Robots, they are always doing the same things over and over without even thinking about what they are trying to accomplish. They are programmed to go through the motions of a task, and the gym is full of them. Walk into nearly any gym and you will see people running on the same treadmill they have been using for month, or even years, before they move on to the elliptical that always follows their treadmill run. In these same gyms you will see people toiling away on machines and free weights using the same weight, for the same amount of sets, and reps, that they have been using for years. The other thing that you will notice about these people, if you pay attention, is that they never look any different.

Mutants on the other hand are freaky, weird creatures, that don’t want to be β€œnormal”. They want to get…

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