the scale


I’ve been following this trainer on Instagram and I really like her last post about the scale, read up! πŸ™‚

Part II of my mission to explain why you should stop obsessing over the scale. If you are getting frustrating that you are doing everything right and "gaining" or staying the same take the time to read… These were taken 24 hours a part. Same time of day, same number of meals in my belly, same scale (which is how you want to weigh yourself.) I ate the same amount of food yesterday as I did the day prior. So did I lose 2 lbs of fat? No. Gain 2 lbs of muscle with my arm workout yesterday!? No. These are silly and irrational questions and here's why: The average adult female body is made up of about 55% water. So what do you think the scale measures on a day to day or even week to week basis… You got it, WATER. Now lets go over the reasons that our bodies tend to retain water: sodium, sunburn, medications, hormones (insulin,cortisol, estrogen,progesterone), chronic diseases, etc. The point that I am trying to make is that our bodies are WAYYY more complicated to determine why you may have gained 2 lbs on the scale. You can either 1.)stop obsessing over the number or 2.) take a weekly blood and urine test and bod pod measurement to account for all of the above factors that I listed. The first option seems a lot simpler. πŸ˜‰ Weigh yourself once a week and with consistency and patience over time that number will move in the direction of your goals. If you are expecting a 1-2 lb difference per week every week you're setting yourself up for disappointment. #itsjustanumber #ignorethescale #erindavisfitness #educate #weightloss #fatloss #musclegain #fitfam #onlinetraining #personaltraining #health #workout #eatclean #themoreyouknow

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