Spot Reduction Weightloss



~Training Misconception~

Have you ever been around your family and friends and once they hear you talking about losing weight or going to the gym, they all suddenly become fitness experts and start giving you advice? Ya, I been there too.

One of the BIGGEST and most ridiculous thing I hear over and over again is spot reduction. SO DUMB! I have been learning about fitness for 6 years and I have yet to find a study or miracle workout that allows for this. I’ve heard it again and again and again: β€œIf you want to lose weight on your legs all you have to do is squats” or ” If you want abs just do some crunches and the fat comes off”. This is all bullshit.

Sure, you can target muscles and build them, but you cannot pick a body-part and remove fat by working it out. Fat loss…

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