It’s Friday, I’m… Done with Comparisons


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Once upon a time, I did a bikini competition.

Recently, I found myself looking back on pictures of myself in all my lean, mean, bikini-wearing glory. Looking at my “stage” body versus my “everyday” body made me feel awful – within seconds, my “normal” body suddenly appeared grotesque.

I kept scrolling through my photos, and found some I had taken about a fortnight after my competition. I remembered hating the way I looked at the time, yet I found myself wishing I could look like that again. I thought, “God, if only I had just appreciated and enjoyed looking that way. There was nothing wrong with me!”.

I found more photos, this time of Christmas Day. Although I was smiling in the pictures, I remember being legitimately miserable all day because I felt fat.

And then it hit me.

My phone was full of pictures of moments in which I…

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