20 Healthy “Almost Zero-Calorie” Foods


These eats may be ridiculously low in calories, but they’re loaded with nutrients that can help speed up weight loss and boost your immunity.


So-called “zero-calorie” foods, like celery and cucumbers, contain fewer
calories than the body uses to break them down. And although nutritionists account for the energy it takes to chew and digest them when they calculate how many calories we need, these eats deserve prime spots on our plates. (Related: The Best Times to Eat for Weight Loss)
You can eat them in large quantities without busting your gut, and low-calorie doesn’t mean low nutrients. “And, obviously, if eating very low calorie foods keeps you from eating higher calorie foods, that’s a win,” says Monica Reinagel, licensed nutritionist and creator of the Nutrition Diva podcast. So fill up your fridge with the following 20 foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals—not calories 🙂

-citrus fruit
-leafy greens
-red chili peppers
-red bell peppers
-summer squash
-green tea
And….. WATER!!!! 🙂


9 thoughts on “20 Healthy “Almost Zero-Calorie” Foods

  1. Yay! This makes me feel good. I happen to have most of these items in my fridge. I’ve been working on becoming healthier and I like to eat a lot. Having food like celery around to snack on has been a huge help for me.

    Check out my blog when you get a chance! myweightolose.com .

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