Why do Drop Sets?



What exactly is a Drop set? A drop set is working towards muscle exhaustion, and then dropping the weight to complete more reps.

Why is this effective? Dropping the weight allows you to hit all of your muscle fibers, where as a normal set (8-12 reps) does not. Β However it is very important to be efficient when you are doing your drop sets. For example, taking a longer than needed break when grabbing a different set of dumbbells renders the drop set almost useless.Β Β 

Progressive resistance is still the most important! Even with the benefits of the drop set, unless you are pushing yourself to lift heavier weights, your muscles wont grow.

Β So what should my drop set routine look like?

My best advice for a drop set routine would be to continue focusing on a solid 8-12 rep range, and on your final set drop the weight…

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