A month of clean eating and better decisions



We get the same thing every Holiday season.

An even better year.

This isn’t a resolution list. It’s a game plan for the month of January to hold myself, and Jeremy, accountable for better health decisions. We used to be very consistent at eating healthy, and we were more active and just healthier all around. Then the holidays crept in, the cool weather, and then the excuses. He had fewer opportunities to play soccer, I made more excuses as to why I didn’t feel the need to workout each day, and it was inevitable. We both became lame and lazy, and pitiful. I still try to workout occasionally, but nowhere near as consistent as I used to be. And the food. Oh the food. SO much of it from the get togethers, the parties, and I can easily say that I’ve consumed more alcohol in the month of December than I had in the six months prior.


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