from Gerald Rogers :)


Gerald Rogers


I went to the gym this morning and felt fat, tired and sluggish… (yes, like a slug. hence the picture. That was me this morning.)

For most of the year, I’ve been in the best shape of my life. Exercise has been one of my main ways of dealing with the stress of the divorce. And then going through Marci Lock’s awesome fitness & nutrition program, I was able to lose extra fat, put on some muscle and actually get a little toned…

And then… I stopped.

Have you ever done this?

When I went to California for 2 weeks, during the meditation retreat, they discouraged exercise, and then when I got back last week, I just felt plain LAZY.

It’s amazing to me how fast atrophy sets in, and we begin to lose what we once had. It seems there isn’t a place in life where you can just get complacent, stop and things stay the same. It’s almost like we’re on an escalator going down, and you have to keep moving, just to stay the same… and you have to push to get better.

Our relationships are like this too. If you stop investing and working on your relationship, it WILL begin to wither. This is why people “fall out of love” – they stop feeding the love and the love dies. It’s the law of nature.

The great thing is we can always recommit.

That’s what I’m doing today. Everyday this week you will be able to find me at the gym, reclaiming what I once had. Soon this slug will be a cheetah again.

where in your life have you let things atrophy, and where can you recommit to Living BIG?

Pick one thing and take action today! It’s the little choices that make the big difference.

You have one life to live – Live BIG


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