A Little Motivation


so true πŸ™‚


Some weeks I need a little more motivation than others, this week is one of them! It is almost finals week so there will be lots of tears and shame. So here are a few choice pictures to help motivate and keep you going. This and the knowledge that Sunday I will be posting some tasty dessert recipes….I stress bake and workout. I can’t help it.

~Enjoy the pics and keep moving forward!~

saturday motivation 7

saturday motivation 2

saturday motivation 6

saturday motivation 8

saturday motivation 5

saturday motivation 4

saturday motivation 3saturday motivation

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One thought on “A Little Motivation

  1. This is so true. The best blessing in my life is my family. They support everything I do so a healthy lifestyle is priority to them. They know I eat as natural and close to the source as possible, and that family activities should require some sort of active activity- even if it’s just horse shoes. The people closest to me are my motivation because if I am not the example, no one would be. Do it for those around you and always keep it in mind πŸ™‚

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