Feeling anxious about loosing weight? Wanna lose super fast? Well read this and try to be patience with yourself :)


Studying for my personal trainer material I found this important information. I always knew that loosing weight fast wasn’t good for you, and that if you did, the lost pounds were mostly water weight. I thought that the heavier you were the faster you could loose weight (fat) Well it seems that’s not really the case, this is the paragraph I was reading …Gradual weight loss of 1-3 lbs per week is ideal. Any weight loss over 3 lbs per week tends to involve loss of water, water that the body is forced to excrete when it relies on the body’s protein and fat for energy. When regular eating resumes, and the body uses carbohydrates as its main fuel source, the lost water and the lost pounds are regained.
The typical body can only burn about 2 lbs of fat per week. And this goes for everyone, overweight or not.


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