Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip Bread




I’ll admit…I’m somewhat of a banana hoarder. Anyone who bakes and enjoys banana based desserts will know what I mean by this. Bananas don’t last very long in my house so it’s always a competition to get the bananas before they’ve all been eaten. I’ll usually sneak into the kitchen and take 3, put them in my “designated drawer”, where I keep all of my weird food products, and allow them to sit there until they’re nice and ripe, almost completely brown. This sounds really gross, but anyone who has tried to make banana bread with a firm banana knows how important ripeness is.

So I had a few ripe bananas saved in my trusty drawer and I had my girlfriends coming over for some girl talk. I didn’t have anything already made in the house to serve so I took a chance and developed a recipe for a lighter…

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