I came across a great article the other day, never really thought about doing this but I think it’s going to make a huge difference πŸ™‚ wanted to share a piece of it, from bodybuilding.com, Jessie Hilgenberg.

“…The next time you train, make a point to focus on every aspect of your training as it happens. Pay attention during your warm up, through every contraction of every set, and notice the moment your body begins allowing fatigue to set in. Feel the muscles resisting and tensing under the heavy loads, and notice how they become tight and quiver as your energy levels drop.

Don’t worry about how your next set will feel, or what you’re doing once you leave the gym. Follow your workout log, and give every movement your undivided attention. How does the pencil feel in your hand as you record your sets and reps? What does the weight of the heavy barbell feel like in your hands as it slips away on the last rep of a heavy set of deadlifts? How does each leg extension feel as the blood fills your quadriceps? Pay attention to the burn of lactic acid on the 20th rep.

Soak it all in. If you can push your attention to these details, it will be a lot harder to let your mind wander, as it sometimes does when we go through the motions. Then record everything in your workout log.

If this sounds slow, that’s a good thing. After all, all we ever have is this moment. Take the time to enjoy it”


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