A Popular Purge: Juice Cleanses – Should You Go There


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Fruits and vegetables (especially organic ones) are good for you, right? So let’s take that thought to the extreme and “cleanse” our bodies and our minds by subsisting on NOTHING but JUICE for about a week. Because more of a good thing is even better, right?

Sounds a bit ridiculous doesn’t it?  juicing

Yet juice fasting and juice cleanses have increasingly become a popular part of the diet and wellness landscape, claiming benefits from weight loss and glowing skin, to cures for a host of medical conditions and even cure-all for cancer.

Fans of juicing say they can get more vitamins and minerals from juiced foods then they can by simply eating the fruits and vegetables. They claim to feel more alert and energetic, since their body is getting a “break” from the digestive process and clearing out all those nasty toxins.

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a fresh…

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